Good Beer.

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Lazy Hazy

8% ABV - Juicy IPA - 16oz - $7

NE DIPA w/ wheat & oats. Hopped w/ Citra & Mosaic. Tastes like fruit punch, mango, and passionfruit.


Bad Blood*

5% - Schwarzbier - 16oz - $6

Medium bodied dark lager with mild flavors of chocolate and coffee with a dry biscuit finish.


Fabric Watermelon Sour*

5% ABV- Berliner Weisse- 16oz


Watermelon puree, mildy tart with notes of watermelon jolly rancher.


Charleston Brewery District Collaboration*

5% - West Coast IPA - 16oz - $8
Toasty malt backbone with flavors of lemon, grapefruit and lime.


5% - Farmhouse - 16oz - $6

Traditional Farmhouse Ale with notes of bread, clove, bubblegum and lemon.  Named after Fatty’s childhood home in Aiken, SC..

Star Compass*

7.5% - Sour DIPA - 16oz - $7
Kettle sour with notes of lime peel, tangerine and pineapple.

Mint Julep*

5% - Hard Seltzer - 16oz - $6
Mint Julep inspired hard seltzer brewed with mojito mint and lime.

First Shot

5% - Pale Ale - 16oz - $6
The O.G.

Easy drinking, light bodied, old school pale ale with a super smooth finish.

Amateur Hour

5% - American Lager - 16oz - $6
An American Lager tradition unlike any other…maybe, yes sir!


 5% - Mexican Lager - 16oz - $6

Super clean and crisp lager brewed with flaked corn and a hint of lime.

Clifton's Triple

5% - Session IPA - 16oz - $6

Triple hopped with mild bitterness and notes of light citrus.

Gale Ale

5% - Golden Ale - 16oz


Mildly sweet, toasty notes with hints of floral lavender.

*also available in 16oz cans to go




Fabric Watermelon Sour

5% - Berliner Weisse - 16oz

$8/can to stay

$15.99/4pk to go

Watermelon puree, mildy tart with notes of watermelon jolly rancher.

St. Fatty's Day

 10.5% - Triple IPA - 16oz

$7/can to stay

$14/4pk to go

In honor of our 5 Year Anniversary, Steve has brewed a malty, smooth dangerous treat.


 6% - Sour IPA - 16oz

$7/can to stay

$14/4pk to go

Sour balanced with a sweetness from fresh SC peaches from Titan Farms in Ridge Spring, SC.

Color of Energy

 5% - Honey Amber - 16oz

$6/can to stay

$13/4pk to go

Brewed with honey malt and notes of toffee.


 5% - Mexican Lager - 16oz

$6/can to stay

$13/4 pk to go

Super clean and crisp lager with a hint of lime.





Lazy Hazy

8% - Juicy IPA - $14/6pk


High Style

5% - Italian Pilsner - $12/ 6pk



Canned Coca Cola and Sprite