Follow Fatty, the greatest time-traveling brewmaster the world has never known, through his travels in time.

sPOT fatty?

1861 – Charleston, SC 

Fatty was there drinking his brew in Charleston Harbor on April 12, 1861, when Lt. Farley and Edmund Ruffin fired the first shots on Fort Sumter. More than 4,000 shells were fired, but not a single soldier perished, nor a single drop of Fatty’s brew was spilled.

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1704 – London, England

The popularity of the porter rose during the 18th Century Industrial Revolution. Fatty was there when the local brewers created the blended brew to lessen the load on the London publicans. As he clanged goblets with the local pub folk, Fatty declared “Why have one, when you can have three.”

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1524 – NUremburg, Germany

In the German state of Bavaria, Fatty assisted Peter Henlein install the mainspring, powering the first pocket watch in the world. Fatty’s own pocket watch, became the catalyst for the greatest turn of events in the history of time.
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1000 – Goslar, Germany

In Goslar, Germany, where the waters of the Abzucht and Gose Rivers meet, the Gose was born. Fatty was there when the brewer’s devised the plan of combining the saline waters of the Gose River springs and the local wild yeast to give their new brew a noticeably salty, coriander taste.
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868 - Bergen, Norway

In 868, Fatty and legendary boat builder Hrafna Floki Vilgeroarson, set sail from Norway to the Shetland Islands then to the Faroe Islands. Then Fatty summoned 3 ravens which help lead Floki and Fatty to the discovery of Iceland. They sat down at the table to celebrate with a juniper and lime refresher.
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sPOT fatty?

1879 – oxford, england

Fatty was overserved while discussing higher
dimensions with British mathematician and writer,Charles Howard Hinton. In their attempt to visualize the geometry of higher dimensions, the two coined the term, “tesseract” - the four-dimensional analog of the cube.

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1905 – Berne, Switzerland

Fatty looked on as Einstein unveiled his quantum theory of light, the idea that light exists as tiny packets, or particles, which he called photons. Einstein posited, that we live in a quantum universe, one built out of tiny, discrete chunks of energy and matter.
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1941 – New York city, NY

Our version of the world renowned cocktail, “Moscow Mule,” in beer form. Fatty was there at the Chatham Hotel in 1941 sipping his brew when he left it on the bar for Jack Morgan to discover.
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1945 – Alamagordo, NM

Fatty’s Grandfather, Arnold, created the space time continuum when he worked on the Manhattan Project and test drop the first atomic weapon on the 33rd Parallel in Alamagordo, NM on July 16, 1945. The energy created by the blast created a ripple in time allowing Fatty to step through the 33rd Parallel in Charleston, SC.
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1947 - Bristol, England

Credited with the discovery of the pion in 1947, Guiseppe Occhialini collaborated with Fatty on experiments showing pions are commonly produced in high energy accelerators in collisions between hadrons.
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1969 – Woodstock, ny

Concocted in the smoky haze of Woodstock, “Lazy” is a movement founded by Fatty, promoting conservation of energy, in an effort to postpone entropy created by the haze in our IPA. 
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PROTOhistory – Ireland

In a period between prehistory and history, Fatty brewed an elixir to ward off the Foamorian uprising under the evil command of Balor.
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1979 – aiken, SC

In the winter of 1979, during one of the greatest natural phenomena, the total solar eclipse – the greatest time-traveling brewmaster the world has never known was born. To this day, Fatty explores the realm of time and space, with a never ending lust for adventure.
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2015 – Charleston, SC

Commemorating the Mother Emanuel 9, who are buried in the cemetery directly behind the brewery. A portion of the proceeds are donated to improving the cemetery grounds.
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2005 – St. George, SC

Fatty’s adventures in time wouldn’t be possible without a chance encounter with a train hopping, inventor named Elrod, builder of the time-traveling pocket watch. After losing a bet to Fatty, on a train running through St George, Elrod reluctantly handed over the “special” device. The details of the bet remain murky to this day.
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1917 – Fátima, Portugal

Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Miracle of Fatima witnessed by 3 shepherd children in 1917 near the village of Fatima, Portugal. The children described the apparition as "brighter than the sun, shedding rays of light clearer and stronger than any crystal.”
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